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Ghost Writers LLC is the dream spot for aspiring authors who are dreaming of writing a book. From writing to editing, publishing, and even marketing your story, we can do it all. Our ghostwriting professionals can implement the exact writing style that you want.


Entice your readers with the impeccable writing styles of our highly qualified and experienced ghostwriters.

Cover Design

We know that we can not judge a book by its cover but we should also keep in mind that the book with the best cover sells the most.

Editing & Proofreading

Your draft will go through several revisions and all the grammatical errors, typos, and remaining mistakes will be removed to make your content flawless.

Book Publishing

Ghost Writers LLC can make your book your legacy. If you want to publish your recently completed book, then we can do it for you without any hassle.

Book Marketing

Now once your book is out in the market, it needs to be marketed and promoted to reach the target readers. Ghost Writers LLC is here to help you with book marketing.

Book Video Trailer

You surely want your book to stand out and attract more readers. Our creative video book trailers will grab the attention of your audience.

Glimpses Of Our Latest Work

This lucrative portfolio contains some of the most recent projects that our writers have worked on.

Action & Adventure

Ghost Writers LLC will merge your thoughts and ideas with our wisdom and experience to create an enthralling action and adventure story that will surely take over the minds of the readers. Exemplary characters with limitless imagination and unexpected twists that is what you can expect from an action story written by our writers.


Cool and creative writers, exactly what you want for your comic book. Do you think you have a great idea that can take the comic world with a storm? Share your raw concepts with us and see them transforming into exciting comic stories with compelling characters. We have pros for creating outstanding graphic novels.


Dictionary writing is quite challenging and not every writer can do it. Ghost Writers LLC has a team of prolific writers who have excellent command over the language. We try to ensure that you get a comprehensive and easy-to-read dictionary in an easy-to-understand format.


Our team of ferocious fictional writers just love this genre. We do not just create a fictional story with a little touch of drama, but craft an alluring experience for the readers to send them on an exciting journey that keeps them on the edge of their seats till the end.


Health and fitness is an important genre but on top of that, it remains highly in demand too. The only reason for its popularity is that people look up to such information for vital health and fitness tips. If you have created a fitness program or have some health tips to share with the audience, then our writers can help you.


Supernatural and psychological stories that are well-written always receive love from the readers. Our expert writers have mastered the art of writing spine-tingling stories that will surely amaze the readers. We can assure you that your stories will become worth reading once they are merged with our scintillating writing style.


Want to come up with a classic romantic novel? We have the secret recipe to make your romantic story unique and modern. No one likes old-fashioned romance that sounds cliché, our ghostwriters can assist you in producing a book that is worth reading in today’s era.

Science Fiction

Are you planning to write an epic space opera? We are here to handle all the complications of creating an effective and engaging sci-fi plot. We have a team of science fiction writers who will conceive your baby concepts and turn them into full-fledged best-selling books.


Want to share an exciting trip with your audience through a traveling story? But do not know how to start a plot and craft an impeccable story? If your answer is yes, then we would like to tell you that you are at the right place. Our professional ghostwriters can write an amazing story that perfectly describes your complete travel journey and all the remaining things in a captivating way.


We offer you all the basic benefits of a premium writing service, but we promise to deliver a lot more.

Budget Friendly

Budget is not an obstacle for us. We promise to deliver quality without letting your budget restrict us.

Author Rights

Your story is your story; we are only responsible for using the right words. Once the work is done, it’s all yours.

Factual Research

We never write something without research. Our writing teams work hand in hand with our research team

Hight Profits

If you wish to publish a book, you have come to the right eBook writing and publishing company to make a profit out of it.

Proven Experts

Our writers, editors, and researchers are all experts in their respective fields. Your project is in great hands.

Zero Delays

Timing is crucial for any project. Our team will deliver your book without delays, and quality is guaranteed.


Want your story to be converted into an eBook. Contact us and watch us work our word magic on your story. Our writing will make your eBook a masterpiece of literary arts.

Our Systematic Writing Approach


Book Services

Once you choose Ghost Writers LLC as your writing partner, then we will move on to collect important details from you.


Information Gathering

The most important step is to collect all the information and ideas that you have in your mind. If we have a complete understanding of your thoughts then we can start working on your project.


Initial Draft

We will send you an initial draft for your feedback as we do not proceed without involving our customers in our work. As per your response, we head towards finalizing the draft.


Final Delivery

When the draft is finalized it goes through a strict check and is scrutinized to remove all the errors so that you can receive a flawless final product.


Work with us to launch your one-of-a-kind literary artwork.


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