Everything is judged by its first impression and so is your book. The Ghostwriters LLC has great experience creating one of a kind book-covers to make your first impression count for the best. Our designs will attract people passing by other books straight to your book.

An award-winning book depends on many factors and the cover design is one of them. The cover of an award-winning book will entice people to open up and check out its contents


Our dust jacket cover will ensure that your written masterpiece inside is protected from dust damages. The dust jackets will be the same as the original covers or you can customize it to look different.


Hardboard covers give the premium look and feel of a high-class valuable book. This style is the industry standard for most best-selling authors. A dust cover can be attached to the hardboard cover of your book.


These are the lightweight and flexible options for covers. This type of has a soft but premium quality paper acting as both front and back covers of the books. The paperback cover is great for creating a cover with vibrant colors.

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  • Research by our team of creative designers’ to provide maximum different designs.
  • Professional typesetting.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client
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  • Extensive research by our team of creative designers’ to provide maximum different designs and concepts.
  • Unique and pioneering cover design.
  • Professional and organized typesetting, skillfully achieved result.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client.
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Printed Books

Perfect durable covers to keep your story and message safe from damages.

Photo Albums

Your story is precious, so let showcase it with the best picture as a cover.

Comic Books

Write your own fiction with confidence, and we are here for printing it.


Capture the right audience by showing your creativity in glamour magazines

Year Books

Celebrate the year by capturing all your latest achievements in great content


Connect with the new generation on the small screens with eBooks

Our Recent Ebooks

This lucrative portfolio contains some of the most recent ebooks that our pro writers have worked on.

Book Cover Sizes

Pocket Book

4.25 x 6.875 in | 108 x 175 mm

The smallest Lulu format, used for fiction as well as references and poetry collections.


5.5 x 8.5 in | 140 x 216 mm

A smaller trade size, digest is one of the most commonly used sizes for fiction and nonfiction works.


5.83 x 8.27 in | 148 x 210 mm

Standard size for international trade paperbacks and hardcovers. Similar to US trade size but slightly smaller.

US Trade

6 x 9 in | 152 x 229 mm

The most common size for trade paperbacks and hardcovers, used primarily for fiction but well suited for a variety of book designs.


6.14 x 9.21 in | 156 x 234 mm

Royal is slightly larger than US trade, and works well for the same fiction and nonfiction content.

Comic Book

6.63 x 10.25 in | 168 x 260 mm

Traditional size used for comic book printing.


7 x 10 in | 178 x 254 mm

Executive size fits between US trade and US letter and is commonly used for journals and graphic novels.

Crown Quarto

7.44 x 9.68 in | 189 x 246 mm

Crown quarto provides a wider page than US trade, and is perfect for a book with two-column printing.

Small Square

7.5 x 7.5 in | 190 x 190 mm

Small square is perfect for image-heavy content, such as a travel book, children’s book, or memory book.


8.27 x 11.69 in | 210 x 297 mm

A4 is the standard size used for many magazines and catalogs.

US Letter

8.5 x 11 in | 216 x 279 mm

Used for hardcover books, manuals, and other large size works, US letter is a great option for image-heavy books.


8.5 x 8.5 in 216 x 216 mm

Square format best for accommodating full-bleed images without constraints on landscape or portrait formatting.

Small Landscape

9 x 7 in | 229 x 178 mm

Small landscape is ideal for photo books and product guides meant to haighlight images and photos.

US Letter Landscape

11 x 8.5 in | 279 x 216 mm

US letter size in landscape format, great for children's books or photo books.

A4 Landscape

11.69 x 8.27 in | 297 x 210 mm

Common internationally, A4 landscape is perfect for photo books or art books.


Paperback Perfect Bound

This is the industry standard. The perfect-bound is very cost-effective and suitable for the majority of projects.

Paperback Coil Bound

Great binding for books that have the option to write in them. This style allows the book to lay flat when opened.

Paperback Saddle Stitch

Great and quick options for paper cover books and books with a smaller number of pages. Easy to carry and use.

Hardcover Case wrap

A common option for diaries, journals, and portfolios. The hardcover case wrap is the most common type of binding.

Hardcover Linen Wrap

The best option for replacing the rough look of the case wrap of your book. The hardcover linen wrap gives a glossy shine to the cover.


Want your story to be converted into an eBook. Contact us and watch us work our word magic on your story. Our writing will make your eBook a masterpiece of literary arts.


We offer you all the basic benefits of a premium writing service, but we promise to deliver a lot more.

Budget Friendly

Budget is not an obstacle for us. We promise to deliver quality without letting your budget restrict us.

Author Rights

Your story is your story; we are only responsible for using the right words. Once the work is done, it’s all yours.

Factual Research

We never write something without research. Our writing teams work hand in hand with our research team

Hight Profits

If you wish to publish a book, you have come to the right eBook writing and publishing company to make a profit out of it.

Proven Experts

Our writers, editors, and researchers are all experts in their respective fields. Your project is in great hands.

Zero Delays

Timing is crucial for any project. Our team will deliver your book without delays, and quality is guaranteed.


Work with us to launch your one-of-a-kind literary artwork.


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