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Edit all you want. Our editing will refine the book more and more till it’s perfect.

The cover is the first impression of every book. We design this impression to hook readers.

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  • Are you worried about publishing your book because of the lack of understanding about the publishing industry’s nuances? We have experts who can take care of the complicated processes for you. Ghost Writers LLC provides top-quality book publishing services to ensure that your book has worldwide accessibility.
  • Sit back and watch your manuscript publish on the most prominent and well-reputed platforms.
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The wide retail distribution network of Ghost Writers LLC will make sure that your book is available at all the best-selling spots.

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This lucrative portfolio contains some of the most recent ebooks that our pro writers have worked on.

Our Workflow

01. The Final Drafting

When the client is satisfied with the draft and gives us a thumbs up to proceed, we move on to the proofreading phase before publishing.

02. Ebook Proofreading

The book has been edited during writing but once the writing is completed, it goes through a detailed proofreading process. The book is critically analyzed and scrutinized.

03. The Final Outlook

Your words are arranged, formatted, and given the final makeover to enhance the professionalism and engaging factor of your book.

04. Cover Design

The better it looks, the more it sales. We follow this simple rule and try to give your book professionally designed and artistic front and back covers.

05. Your Book Is Ready To Go Out

When you have approved the final draft and design, the book then goes for publishing in your desired format. We also take care of the ISBN codes for you.


Work with us to launch your one-of-a-kind literary artwork.


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